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The Billion Dollar Brew (Washington DC Edition) Women & Wealth: Fueling women-led innovation at scale Beyond The Billion, Vital Voices and Gobi Partners have partnered to engage our investor community and

The Billion Dollar Dinner (Zurich Edition)

The Billion Dollar Dinner (Zurich Edition) was an exclusive event hosted by Beyond The Billion. This special gastronomic dinner experience was a unique opportunity for our guests to build relationships and learn how the impact of founders funding forward can change the face of the entrepreneurial landscape and multi-generational wealth building for female founders.

The Billion Dollar Dinner (Berlin Edition)

The Billion Dollar Brew (Berlin Edition) was an exclusive event, an unique opportunity to gather prominent figures in the investment and entrepreneurial landscape for a gastronomic dinner experience, fostering relationships and engaging in discussions.

Asia PE-VC Summit 2024

Shelly Porges, managing partner of Beyond The Billion, will be featured along an esteemed panel at Asia PE-VC Summit 2024 in Singapore!