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Together, we can change the larger landscape of capital, and drive returns through diversity. We are so grateful to our sponsors and supporters, leading global organizations that continue to fuel our mission!

Join a community of funders who have already invested over $638m into almost 800 women-founded companies. Benefit from diverse dealflow & be an ally to >100 VC partner funds led by women & new majority funders!

To take the pledge:

  • We ask that firms have hit their first close and raised at least 10% of their target amount
  • Focus on venture capital as an asset class
  • Pledge a specific dollar amount to be invested through the end of 2026  *(Note: your pledge amount will not be disclosed unless you choose to disclose it)
  • Commit to ensure that there are female-founded companies in your deal flow
  • And that, if/when you decline to fund a company that has gone through due diligence, you will provide feedback on the reasons why so that they can learn from it
  • And that you will hold yourself accountable and duly participate in reporting activities BTB conducts at the end of the pledge campaign period