When you invest in women, you’re in good company™ 

Our mission is to catalyze venture capital for innovative, venture-backable women founded companies.

PROBLEM:  Women Innovators Lack Access to Capital




According to data from PitchBook, female founders received 2.2% of $130 billion in VC funding in 2018. And this number stalled in the first two quarters of 2019, inching up only 3%.




And this is despite the fact that female-founded companies, including those with gender diverse teams yield better returns for investors. Notably:

per the Mass Challenge research:

“…businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men” 

Recognizing this, our initial goal at The Billion Dollar Fund (“TBDF”) was to mobilize $1 billion dollars in funding into innovative companies founded and led by women by 2020, globally. Our pledge goal was achieved in just 8 months, and this validated our thesis that the venture community writ large recognizes the value of investing in women.

Now, we’re going BEYOND THE BILLION – focused on driving capital to venture funds investing into women, to then ultimately benefit female founders.

We continue to believe that by leveraging the capital of both institutional and private high net worth investors, we can catalyze capital for funders investing more into women founded and led firms in the next few years. THE TIME IS NOW.

Inspired by the momentum, learning and community we’ve built, we are addressing this perennial problem with Beyond the Billion by:
Approach 1
Continuing to accept pledges via a new pledge cohort
Approach 2
Creating awareness of the opportunity to invest in companies delivering both innovation and returns
Approach 3

Connecting and convening GPs of venture funds with each other and with prospective LP investors into their funds

Approach 4
Catalyzing Capital as a result of our convenings


In Phase 1, The Founders and a network of partners launch a campaign “The Billion Dollar Fund for Women” to mobilize a global consortium of Blended Finance Partners that commit to an incremental goal to supporting to accelerate access to funding for, and expand the resources available to, women entrepreneurs and women founded and led companies.
Partner Funds that join the consortium will benefit from:
Increased exposure to global institutional funders such as international development funds, country funds, sovereign funds, pension funds, endowments, private equity, and larger venture funds
Opportunity to attend Billion Dollar series and annual convenings, connecting the investment community
At Partner’s Own Expense
Opportunity to join a fund marketplace & be considered in a woman-managed Fund of Funds
Benefits in development for 2020

Beyond 2020

In Phase 2, investors in the initial campaign will be encouraged to double down, while BTB will continue to catalyze capital more meaningfully.
Can this be done? In October 2017, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative reported that 47 U.S. funds that invest with a “gender lens” have raised $1.1 billion, most of it in just the past few years. As of October 2019, we ourselves, surpassed the billion dollar mark, instigating “Beyond The Billion”.

Beyond The Billion will continue to leverage the public and private sector’s respective focus and mission to benefit women founders.

Equally important, BTB’s consortium partners can exchange experiences, learn from each other, and scale innovation by women.

Impact Metrics

We are committed to measuring our impact by measuring:
Total number of partners participating in the consortium and number of countries and regions they represent, ie the number of funds pledged to do more AND
Capital Invested:
The aggregate dollars pledged to be invested into WFCs, and the actual dollars invested into WFCs by pledged funds AFTER the pledge
The number of companies into which this capital was invested, and the percentage of these companies that was found by women-only vs. gender-diverse teams
Financial and Social ROI
Associated revenues and jobs created

TBDF Ventures LLC (TBDFV), the organizer of Beyond The Billion (“BTB”), is a company serving the global consortium of investors pledged to invest beyond $1bn collectively into women-founded investment firms and technology companies. BTB builds on the success of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, the initial campaign co-founded by our founders.  BTB  is not a venture fund, an investment bank, a broker-dealer, investment clearinghouse, or an investment adviser, but rather a forum in which investors may be educated on aspects of investment and business, as well as introduced to companies for possible investment, in particular, those led by women. Each allocator pledged to BTB’s mission is responsible for his or her own investment decisions, and neither TBDFV nor BTB recommends companies or financial products for investment. Participating funds may be highlighted to various institutional and other investors and managers, with the aim of catalyzing capital towards women-founded companies; but are not guaranteed allocations from any specific fund. The Founders of TBDFV and BTB may hold interests directly or indirectly in featured funds and associated companies. Information is obtained from participant funds, believed to be reliable, but is in no way guaranteed by TBDFV or BTB. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted.

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