The Arcview Venture Fund


Already at $11B+ and growing exponentially, the cannabis industry is expected to reach $22B+ by 2021 and scaling to $40B in total contribution. THE ARCVIEW VENTURE FUND is investing in the best companies poised for growth and lucrative exits in this market. We are also seeking to be inclusive of women business owners and entrepreneurs for funding as well as we seek women investors in our network. We are already Ògame-changersÓ for women as the Arcview Group and we plan to improve access to capital for high-growth women-founded businesses. The Arcview Group is the leading network of cannabis investors, whose members have funded more than 170+ companies. The Arcview Venture Fund offers a DIFFERENTIATED STRATEGY and a DIVERSE AND EXPERIENCED INVESTMENT TEAM to identify the top companies ready for their next financing. We are performing institutional and industry-specific due diligence, accelerating portfolio company growth and harvesting profit through successful exits in this market and beyond. We are pleased to be part of the pledge to meet, advise and invest in women founded businesses. And, the Arcview Group, our parent company has already founded the WomenÕs Investor Network as we gather the women investors together at our Arcview Forums, creating a vibrant network of our business owners and investors.







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Jeanne Sullivan

Jeanne Sullivan is passionate about delivering ideas Ð connections Ð and inspiration to entrepreneurs and is a fierce advocate for legalization and regulation of the Cannabis industry. Jeanne is a co-founder of StarVest Partners, a venture capital firm in NYC and long- time tech investor, now a special advisor to her firm. Prior to her investing experience, Jeanne served in operating roles at AT&T and Bell Labs as part of an entrepreneurial team building innovative products in image processing and high end computing. Ms. Sullivan is a sought-after industry speaker on the subject of Òhow to get the wallet out of investorsÕ pocketÓ and is an active advisor and investor in the sector and a proud member of the Arcview community. Jeanne is a member of the WomenÕs Leadership Board at the Harvard Kennedy School and is an Athena Entrepreneur Fellow for Barnard College. She is on the Global Board of Trustees of Astia, an organization that funds high-growth women entrepreneurs.