South Central Ventures


At South Central Ventures we look for inspiring, enthusiastic tech entrepreneurs and excellent teams. We partner with the most ambitious, fresh-thinking, brave and relentless ones, working on ideas shaping our future and changing the world we live in for the better. We are strong believers in diversity Ð be it ethnical, gender or any other kindÉ A number of studies indicate diversity improves performance of teams and is also reflected in the bottom line, so we want to make sure to fully use its potential Ð in our team and in our portfolio. We are focused on early stage companies originating from the SE Europe, but with global client base and international teams. While our portfolio companies are still predominantly managed by men, we proud ourselves to have supported a few female founded and lead companies. We are joining the Billion Dollar Fund for Women to give equal opportunity to them, but also encourage all brilliant women founders to use the opportunities that are out there.




Education, Design, Marketplace Apps, Property & Real Estate Technology/ Smart Cities, B2B


Growth, Seed, Series A


Europe, North America


UK, Slovenia, Serbia, US


Tatjana Zabasu Mikuz

Tatjana Zabasu Miku_ is a partner and a member of the management team of South Central Ventures Fund, where she is active in finding new investments. At the beginning of her career, Miku_ worked as the head of the cabinet of the Minister of Economy, where she actively participated in the design and implementation of programs for promotion of entrepreneurship and increase of competitiveness of Slovenian companies. Miku_ continued her career at the consulting firm Deloitte, where she worked as a business finance consultant and led projects of corporate review and consulting in sales design and strategies development. She gained a lot of experience in the fields of finance, organization and fundraising for startups. In recent years, Miku_ has advised and acted as a member of the board of directors of InPlayer and a procurator of Shout, Efos and Citadel.