Loyal VC


Loyal is a global early-stage investor, that has made over 100 investments in over 30 countries since their founding in 2018. Loyal has over five investing professionals, supported by over 250 expert advisors distributed globally, across industries and functions. To date 35% of Loyal’s portfolio has a woman CEO, and around 45% have a woman in leadership. This is an outcome of Loyal’s investment approach which focuses on evaluating company performance, rather than pitches. Loyal makes many small initial investments in companies sourced through insider access to two high-quality networks – the Founder Institute accelerator and INSEAD business school alumni – and then makes larger follow on investments in those that emerge as the best. This Darwinian process and massively diversified cross-sector global portfolio is resilient, and allows winners to predictably emerge even at times when the future is unpredictable. Loyal currently offers investors two funds, the initial multi-stage unconventionally structured fund, and Loyal Impact, a traditional seed stage venture fund launched in 2020, that invests in the top impact deals that emerge from the Loyal process.




Big Data, Tech-Agnostic


Seed, Series A, Pre-Seed


North America, Europe, Asia


Canada, Singapore, US, UK, HK


Kamal Hassan

Kamal is also currently the CEO of IncMind, a platform for entrepreneurs to manage their business, and get more help, more cheaply, from their stakeholders (e.g., lawyer, advisors, investors, friends). He had spent the past 15 years as an entrepreneur, and the past 10 years as an angel investor. He has traveled (and worked) around the world.