BCF Ventures


BCF Ventures, a spin-off of BCF Business Law Firm, is a pioneer in the Canadian investment scene by being one of very first Super Angel Funds. Launched on June 1st, 2018, BCF Business Law’s partners pooled their resources to establish BCF Ventures. The fund benefits from the expertise, resources and insights of the law firm and invests jointly with other successful funds across North America and Europe. BCF Ventures invests at the seed and series A stage of technology-based startups, mostly in Canada, the United States and opportunistically in Israel, China, and Western Europe. BCF Ventures is also a designated organization authorized by the Government of Canada to invest and support potential startups under the Start-Up Visa Program.




Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Security, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Aerospace, Fintech, Legal Tech, Enterprise Tech


Seed, Series A


North America




Sergio A. Escobar

Sergio has a diversified investment portfolio of companies across the United States and Canada ranging from B2B Cloud & SaaS startups (leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics and Security) to B2C Consumer startups (leveraging Mobile Apps, IoT/Wearables and eCommerce). Sergio has +15 years of experience as a multiple times tech entrepreneur with startups in Aerospace, eCommerce, Manufacturing, AgTech and Financial Technologies. Over the last 8 years, he has been deeply involved in the international entrepreneurial scene (incubators and accelerators) through his involvement in Founder Institute, Techstars Startup Programs, McGill X-1, Startup Chile, Startup Peru, Startup Bootcamp FinTech London, MsB Tunisia, Flat6Labs Tunisia, Kuwait National Fund, World Bank ‘Tech Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean’, Krypto Labs in the Middle East and Creative Destruction Lab in Artificial Intelligence. He has been pioneering the Canadian investment scene by launching one of Canada’s very first super angel funds: BCFventures.vc

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