Amplifica Capital


Amplifica Capital is the first VC fund in Mexico focused on investing in women in early stage technologically innovative companies in Spanish speaking Latin America. By investing in women we mean technologically driven companies with female founders or goods and services created for women.




Healthcare, Cleantech, Enterprise Tech, Fintech


Seed, Pre-Seed


South America (LATAM)




Anna is the founder of Amplifica Capital. Amplifica Capital is the first female-focused VC firm in Mexico. They make investments to generate excellent returns for their investors by increasing the participation of women in venture capital. They invest in the early stages where technology is an enabler to drive sustainable growth in Latin America. Anna is an investor with over 25 years of experience. Her guiding principle is to invest in the change you want to see. Anna’s experience includes investing across sectors and geographies in international equities, funds, energy, real estate, and as an angel investor and limited partner in venture capital funds in Mexico and the United States. She was recognized as one of the top female investors by the Latin American Venture Capital Association. Anna grew up in a family business environment. She has first-hand operational experience and understands many of the challenges that entrepreneurs face. Anna is co-founder of Mujeres Invirtiendo, and Voz Experta two organizations which support the development of professional women in Mexico. Anna holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Adelaide and is a Charted Financial Analyst.