2 Year Future Fund


2 Year Future Fund (2YFF) is a woman and minority-owned venture studio fund that focuses on AI-infused startups using exponential technologies. Our focus is North America and Europe. Our mission is to lead humanity forward to a future where humans and artificial general intelligence (AGI) work, live and play together. We prioritize building and investing in startups that look over the horizon to where models are accelerating too, as current models are by default artifacts. Spatial Computing (AR/VR), Robotics, Sensors, Marketplaces, Multimodular computing, Neomorphic computing, Novel chips, Holograms, Quantum, Biotech and Machine learning we prefer. At our campus in Montecito, California, we create AI-infused companies with AGI-readiness, focusing on product-market fit before building. We hand-select project captains and empower them to become founders and CEOs. We also invest in brazen founders, providing a 90-day on-site residency complete with on campus housing so founders can focus on building, not where to sleep. Our record speaks for itself. We have outperformed the S&P 500 and built a robust IP portfolio with over 100 patents and trademarks pending, in progress or awarded. We have strong industry relationships and access to deal flow through renowned university professors and Fortune 500 partnerships. 2YFF is shaping the future of venture studios and using AI in ways humans often have not yet dreamed of. We invite visionary founders and investors to join us on this transformative journey. 2yearfuturefund.com




AI/ML, Biotech


Seed, Series A, Pre-Seed


North America, Europe




Amanda Besemer

Amanda Besemer is the Managing Director of 2 Year Future Fund, a venture studio that happens to be led by women and minorities. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur, engineer, and marketer with over two decades of experience in the tech sector, having founded and successfully exited three companies, including one purchased by Boston Consulting Group BrightHouse. Her roles have varied from Chief AI Officer and Founder of ATHENA, a business strategy and AI consulting firm, to serving as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Innovation Officer for BCG BrightHouse and founder of various ventures and funds. Amanda’s experience also includes designing more than 30 tech-infused products and working with industry leaders, such as TESLA’s co-founder Martin Eberhard. She’s been a consultant to luminaries like Peter Diamandis and has co-founded an investment fund, Middlebury Ventures, that raised nearly $200M for leading EV brands. She is also an author with upcoming books on AI topics. In her early career, Amanda helped create the world’s first Masters of Bioinformatics program at Georgia Tech and served as the founding publisher and editor of Knowledge@Emory, a Wharton School publication. She graduated from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, winning several awards for her positive impact on the universe and contribution to the discipline of Marketing Science. Beyond her professional achievements, Amanda is active in community service, focusing on homeless new neighborhoods believing that a home is a basic right. She enjoys spending her free time hosting s’more and wine pairing parties, thinking round-tables and recording song parodies with her two sons. She currently splits her time between Montecito, California, and Park City, Utah.