Black Founder Resources

From 2013 to 2017, just 1% of VC-backed entrepreneurs were Black, a Rate My Investor study found. It is clear that there are structural barriers founders and funders of color face when buildingtheir businesses and raising capital. We compile a list of opportunities for Black Founders (this will be updated on a weekly basis).

  • Black Female Founder Resources, Marker, 2019
  • Black American Startup Resource List (200+ accelerators, incubators and more), Founder’s Institute, 2020
  • Resources for Founders (strategic tips, events, and more), Case Foundation, 2020
  • Events and Programming by Black Founders
  • Book Recommendation: “It’s About Damn Time”, Arlan Hamilton, 2020
  • Practical Steps To Combat Discrimination in VC, Crunchbase, 2020
  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Black Female Founders, Forbes, 2020

Are You A Black Founder or Funder?

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