We've curated a list of resources tailored towards women-owned, and women-led businesses. This list is not exhaustive, of course, but aims to get you started! Have a resource you'd like us to add? Email us!

Curated Resources

We have put together some of our go-to resources designed for female founders. From articles to bootcamps and communities, we hope to support women-owned businesses. 

Be sure to also check out "9 Strategies for Startups from the Founders of the Billion Dollar Fund for Women," a Forbes article we helped curate.


Offsite's Resources for Female Founders

Here are some of Offsite's favorite resources for female entrepreneurs. From boot camps to incubators, to networking platforms, these resources will help you find your community of women and empower you to thrive as a founder.

Female Founders Resource Guide

Comprehensive list of tools and resources. Includes a list of female-focused VCs, podcasts for female founders, women entrepreneur organizations, and additional resources. Future Founders also has its own Startup Bootcamp and Fellowship for growing startups. 

Hatch Founders Programs

Hatch has three programs aimed at female founders: accelerator, incubator and launchpad for three different stages of a company.

Bridge for Billions Leap Program

This organization has 40% female mentors to advise entrepreneurs. Their Leap online incubation program is to train and support entrepreneurs in their idea.

Top European Cities for Founders

A summary of the European entrepreneurship ecosystem with a highlight of the top cities for female founders. Includes a startup heatmap and report, following a survey of over 1,200 founder opinions, research, and analyses. 

Fundraising Policies for Founders

As an entrepreneur, putting the right policies in place is a crucial fundraising exercise. What policies will smooth collaboration with investors and set you up to grow your business and working relationship?

Future Unicorn Community

This group is a slack-based group where you can connect to other founders. “As a Future Unicorns member, you will be able to form strategic partnerships and be clued into valuable branding resources and a variety of informative marketing events.”

Reaktor X

A pre-accelerator program for first-time founders. Not exclusive to female founders but well-known for their diversity. Their last batch had 64% of startups with at least one female founder in their team.


Female Founders Lounge

A community for female entrepreneurs where founders can find support, including mentors, sponsors and female office hours. The community also offers an opportunity for investors to join and coach founders.

Blooming Founders

Blooming Founders is a brand that aims to create new opportunities for female founders and enable them to build profitable businesses. They help entrepreneurs by providing practical business education and facilitating access to investors.

Presentation Tips for Fundraising

3 Pitch deck tips for giving better presentations to investors.