Over $100 Million

Arcview Venture Fund

THE ARCVIEW VENTURE FUND is the leading network of cannabis investors. We are already “game-changers” for women as the Arcview Group and we plan to improve access to capital for high-growth women-founded businesses. The Arcview Group has founded the Women’s Investor Network as we gather the women investors together at our Arcview Forums, creating a vibrant network of our business owners and investors.

Aster Capital

Aster is a Venture Capital firm with offices in 4 major innovation hubs: Paris, Cambridge, Tel Aviv and San Francisco. We are more than investors and we intend to act as an ally for entrepreneurs by connecting them to a valuable ecosystem of experts, influencers and business leaders.

Astia Fund

Investing in the Success of Women High-Growth Entrepreneurs, their Teams and their Ventures. Astia Fund will invest in companies that have at least one woman in an executive, equity-holding position and are pursuing a high growth strategy.

Bamboo Capital Partners

Bamboo Capital Partners is a commercial private equity firm making investments that matter. It finds game-changing businesses then applies a mix of geographical and sector expertise to deliver financial and social returns. Experts in energy, healthcare and financial services globally, Bamboo has offices in Luxembourg, Geneva, Bogota, Nairobi, and Singapore.

Cross Border Impact Ventures

Cross-Border Impact Ventures believes good health is a human right that should not be restricted by gender or borders. However, underinvestment in women and children’s health has led to common unmet needs for women and children in both high and low-income markets. Our firm is partnered with Grand Challenges Canada to launch the Inclusive Women & Children's Health Fund I to fill this gap.

Cycle Capital

Fueled by the participation of our strategic partners, we direct venture capital investment to the best early or growth-stage companies, supported by our team of financiers, engineers, operators working in collaboration with the best entrepreneurial teams to maximize returns on investment. Our “smart money” approach leverages our vast network of contacts with industrial and business partners.


Demeter is a major player in venture capital and private equity-focused on the ecological and energy transition. With $1 billion under management, Demeter invests from 1 M€ to 30 M€ to support companies at all stages of their development: innovative startups, high growth SMEs and infrastructure projects. Demeter supports the champions of ecological growth in energy, resource management, ag-tech, and mobility.

Digital + Partners

Digital+ Partners is a growth equity fund focused on high-growth B2B technology companies. Our aim is to invest in companies with best-in-class technologies and help scale them into global technology leaders. Our team combines backgrounds in technology investing, corporate strategy and operations in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

Endeavor Catalyst Fund

Endeavor Catalyst is the innovative co-investment fund of Endeavor, set up to invest exclusively in Endeavor Entrepreneur-led companies and to sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned way. Since launching in January 2012, Endeavor Catalyst has raised over $115M in philanthropically donated and invested capital, and invested in 100+ Endeavor companies in 20+ markets.

Fusion Fund

Fusion Fund supports early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking to build globally disruptive companies using innovative technologies to drive systemic change. We are entering the next wave of technological advancement and foundational innovation is required to enable massive growth.

Gobi Partners

Gobi Partners is the first Chinese venture capital firm to expand into the ASEAN region, with over US$1.1 Billion in Assets Under Management. The firm supports entrepreneurs from the early to growth stages. “Gobi has seen real empirical data and real financial performance that come from women-led companies to date, as one-third of our total portfolio are women-founded companies."

Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage VC fund in Southeast Asia founded by Silicon Valley natives. The firm invests in internet & mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, marketplaces, mobile applications, and SaaS platforms. "The Billion Dollar Fund resonates with us, as we believe in the boldness of all entrepreneurs. Innovation comes from diversity. We are behind this initiative and honored to continue championing women.”

Investissement Quebec

The company Investissement Québec was established in 1998 under an Act passed by the National Assembly of Quebec to favor investment in Quebec by Quebec-based and international companies. Investissement Québec is much more than a trusted advisor that can help you grow your business. IQ is a financing corporation that provides a wide array of financial solutions, including loans, equity financing, tax credits, and more.

Motley Fool Ventures

Based in Alexandria, Va., Motley Fool Ventures brings The Motley Fool’s investing principles and member community to venture capital. Launched in 2018, Motley Fool Ventures invests in early-stage companies that leverage technology to create a clear competitive advantage in their industry. Its dedicated team, investor community, and robust network aim to provide value to entrepreneurs beyond just capital.

Palm Drive Capital

Palm Drive Capital is a venture capital and growth equity investment firm launched in 2014. Believing and acting on the notion that innovators are everywhere, Palm Drive invests in mission-driven entrepreneurs across five continents. he fund has partnered with entrepreneurs globally that have created technology firms worth over one trillion dollars of combined market cap to help the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Rethink Impact

Rethink Impact is a venture capital fund that invests in social impact companies with the potential to deliver market-rate financial returns for investors alongside transformational social and environmental change. There are two main lenses for Rethink Impact’s investments: gender diverse management teams and technology-enabled businesses. “Investing in women not only helps us achieve gender parity, but is good business and good for the economy.”

Springboard Growth Capital

Springboard Enterprises is a nonprofit accelerator that was founded to help startup women in high-growth industries access venture capital. 86% of Springboard companies raised money, and 81% of them are still in business. All of these metrics are far in excess of national averages.

Teralys Capital

Teralys Capital is a private fund manager financing private venture capital funds investing in information technologies, life sciences, and clean or industrial innovations. Our partner funds cover the entire investment spectrum from early-stage start-ups to expansion, growth, and technology buy-outs.

Up to $100 Million

Amplify Her Capital

Amplifyher Ventures is a New York-based venture capital fund that invests in visionary teams building data-driven brands, tech-enabled health solutions, and new information delivery systems. Our mission is to support exceptional women leaders by addressing the gender financing gap at the Seed through Series A-stages.

Amplify Capital (MaRS Catalyst Fund)

MaRS Catalyst Fund provides early-stage venture capital funding and support to Canadian companies that are building strong businesses while pursuing social and environmental outcomes. We’re focused on generating both measurable social impact and strong financial returns.

Alate Partners

Alate Partners empowers technology entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate. Founded through a partnership between Dream and Relay Ventures, Alate is building an ecosystem that brings together leading proptech companies and influential real estate owners, operators, and managers.

Alter Equity

Alter Equity’s DNA lies in its commitment to a more responsible and profitable economy. It supports activities and behaviors deeply respectful of the long-term interests of nature and human beings while seeking attractive, market-competitive returns for its investors. By fostering a positive impact on business, its objective is to contribute to a more sustainable economy. Through its results, Alter Equity contributes to demonstrating that responsibility is perfectly compatible with profitability, in order to convince mainstream companies and financial markets to move towards more responsible practices.

The Artemis Fund

The Artemis Fund recently launched to provide seed money and Series A financing to women-led companies. Its first $100,000 award will be given at the Rice Business Plan Competition held April 4 through April 6. With its first fund, the group expects to invest in about 30 women-led companies. It will invest in companies across the U.S. but has a preference for those in Houston and Texas.

Backstage Capital

Backstage Capital is a venture capital fund that invests in new companies led by underrepresented founders in the U.S. Less than 10% of all venture capital deals go to women, People of Color, and LGBT founders. Other VCs see this as a pipeline problem. Backstage Capital sees it as the biggest opportunity in investment with more than $4M invested in 100 companies thus far.

Blue Startups

Blue Startups is focused on helping technology companies compete on a global scale. With an extensive global network, Blue Startups is a nexus of entrepreneurial activity in Hawai‘i, and between Asia and North America.

Borski Fund

We believe in diversity, gender equality, and fair chances. We invest in female entrepreneurs because we want to build great companies with them because we want them to reach their full potential, because we are a natural business partner, and because we have a network that can help facilitate their goals. It is vitally important that innovation by female entrepreneurs is encouraged more.

BCF Ventures

BCF Ventures, a spin-off of BCF Business Law Firm, is a pioneer in the Canadian investment scene by being one of the very first Super Angel Funds. Launched on June 1st 2018, BCF Business Law’s partners pooled their resources to establish BCF Ventures. The fund benefits from the expertise, resources, and insights from Panache Ventures, and invest jointly with other successful funds across North America and Europe. BCF Ventures invests at the pre-seed stage and seed stage of technology-based startups, mostly in Canada, the United States, and opportunistically in Europe.

1843 Capital

1843 Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in technology and tech-enabled CPG companies. 1843 believes in parity of opportunity and has a preference for women founders.

Chloe Capital

Chloe Capital travels across the U.S. investing in the best women-led innovation companies. See where we’ve been, who we’ve partnered with and which founders we’ve selected to join our Movement!

Click Ventures

Founded by entrepreneur turned VC, Carman Chan (Women to Watch in Asian Tech by Nikkei Asian Review). Click Ventures is a seed to series A Venture Capital fund based in Hong Kong and US, investing in technology startups in Asia and north America. We have invested in 50+, mostly seed stage companies. We focus on mobile, internet companies that can acquire scalable assets and create network effect. Furthermore, we act as a strategic investor, supporting our portfolio companies through our global network and AI Lab. Click Ventures's two seed funds have recently been named top performing funds (Vintage 2003-2015 Funds) globally by Preqin.

Crowberry Capital

Crowberry Capital is a Nordic fund based in Reykjavik that invests at seed and early-stage in outstanding teams building global businesses around true technology advantages. We work with our teams to build fast-paced, international companies from the Nordics. We have a strong follow-through philosophy. We back the best from seed to exit.

Different Funds

Different is the first platform designed and built for investing in venture funds. Different sources from 850+ funds, in 30 markets, investing in 20+ sectors and with over 65% GP diversity. “The future of venture is being built in cities around the globe, in a vast array of industries, by a diverse group of innovative managers.”

Disruption Ventures

Disruption Ventures is a female-led venture capital fund based in Canada, investing into businesses that solve real problems, with teams that are committed to succeeding, in markets that have high growth potential and in companies that have a female founder or females in a leadership role; in typically seed and Series A stages.

Dream Maker Ventures

Dream Maker Ventures (DMV), created in 2015 as the investment arm of Dream Maker Corp. (DMC), a Toronto-based vertically integrated asset management firm founded in 2003. With divisions in real estate, development, property management, and insurance, DMC has a total of half-a-billion AUM. The Diversity Fund, created in 2018, invests in early-stage tech companies with founding teams inclusive of persons of color, women, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+, immigrant, refugee, and indigenous entrepreneurs.

Ecofuel Fund

Ecofuel is a venture capital fund and an accelerator that offers specialized and personalized services to the cleantech startups. The Ecofuel Fund invests “smart money” in seed and early-stage companies that develop and commercialize clean technologies.

Educate Global Fund

Educate Global makes private equity investments in businesses improving the education enabling environment for children, initially within the East African region. Educate Global is committed to investing in high growth and purpose-led businesses in some of the world’s fastest-growing regions.

Elevate Capital

Elevate Capital is Oregon’s first institutional venture capital fund that specifically targets investments in underserved entrepreneurs—such as women and ethnic minorities, or those with limited access regionally to capital and opportunities. Elevate supports visionaries with disruptive ideas and products through two specialized investment vehicles. Since August 2016, Elevate has invested $4.6M in diverse startups across Oregon.

Espira Investments

Espira Investments is a private equity firm investing growth capital in Central European small and medium-sized enterprises. One element of ESPIRA’s investment philosophy is focused on companies managed by balanced teams of men and women and it is the first investor in Central Europe with a gender lens investment strategy. We believe that diversity in decision making and leadership can lead to superior results, and we recognize the potential of such companies and want to become the partner for their further growth.

Experior Venture Fund

Experior Venture Fund invests in small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential. We invest in enterprises, offering them growth and expansion capital. Besides capital, we also offer strategic and operational support (to owners and executive teams) in order to maximize a business's value. The Experior team has many years of experience in investments, corporate governance, seeking funds, strategic management, and new business development.

Exponential  Creativity Partners

We're an early-stage venture capital fund investing in startups that invent technology to maximize humanity's creative potential. As society shifts from a paradigm of consumption to a paradigm of creation, Silicon Valley remains stubbornly focused on the commodification of content. By contrast, we see a historic moment for value creation in human-centered creativity platforms.Our investment thesis is focused on customers, markets, and use cases. Within that niche, however, we are able to invest across a wide range of industries and regions.

Flat 6 Labs

Flat6Labs is Sawari Ventures’ dedicated startup accelerator for seed-stage investments. Launched in Cairo in 2011, it assists and encourages entrepreneurs throughout the critical first steps of development. Every four months, it funds and mentors a number of carefully selected start-ups from Egypt and the MENA region, providing them with seed capital and physical hosting at its premises. In addition, it offers interaction-based mentorship and educational experiences, organized in conjunction with the American University in Cairo.

Full In Venture Partners

As growth-stage investors, Full In invests in companies with demonstrated product-market fit and rapid growth trajectory. Amongst many other factors, we love to look at track record and momentum as key indicators of long-term sustainable business models.

Fund 1517

1517 supports teams with grant, pre-seed, and seed funding for technology startups. Our focus is on makers, hackers, and scientists interested in working outside tracked institutions because we believe that the path geared towards higher education is not for all. We motivate people to work on what they’re passionate about, to learn by doing, and to create new technologies.

Global AI Internet Fund

The Global AI Internet Freedom Fund looks to demystify AI and demonstrate its simplicity and ease of implementation by supporting cash-flow positive companies who are in the growth stage of development and are well-positioned in their market. GAIIFF invests at the point in the portfolio companies’ maturation designed to maximize entrepreneurial alpha.

Global Ventures

Global Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm based in Dubai making early-stage investments in growth companies in the Middle East And Africa. The fund's investments focus on globally-scalable enterprise technology companies in the MEA region, investing in low-valuation markets, and enabling the scale-up of young companies into global markets, thereby realizing multiple expansion as well as revenue growth. Global Ventures leverages the youth demographic, access to talent, and low valuation multiples to identify the high-potential, globally-scalable companies and enable their expansion through active and strategic investments into the companies.

Golden Seeds Fund

Golden Seeds is a discerning group of angel investors, seeking and funding high-potential, women-led businesses. It is well documented: Women are starting businesses at record levels, with the ideas, skills, and talents to build great companies. But like all early-stage entrepreneurs, they need capital to fuel their growth. Golden Seeds, one of the nation’s largest and most active investment groups, focuses squarely on this high-potential segment. Since 2005, Golden Seeds’ members – today over 275 strong – along with its venture funds, have invested over $100 million in nearly 150 exciting women-led enterprises…and counting.

Grand Challenges Canada

Grand Challenges Canada is one of the largest impact-first investors in Canada, having supported a pipeline of over 1,000 innovations in over 95 countries since 2010 with the potential to save up to 1.6 million lives and improve up to 35 million lives by 2030.

Green Cow Venture Capital

Green Cow Venture Capital is an ROI-focused $50mm venture fund based in San Francisco and New York City. We believe that Seed+ stage startups with diverse founding teams creating scalable solutions to societal infrastructure problems will drive returns. "We back dynamic teams using greenfield technologies to solve big problems around scarcity and inefficiency. 

i2i Ventures

i2i Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund for Pakistan and the country's first female-founded institutional fund. We invest in early-stage technology-enabled businesses in Pakistan and believe in being founder-friendly in our terms, approach, and support of our portfolio, helping teams build their ventures and position them for scale and future rounds of funding.

iNgenuity Fund

iNgenuity is iAngels’ first institutional fund, backed by a significant monetary commitment from the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Union’s investment arm, and one of the world’s largest institutional investors. The EIF made a strategic decision to invest in Israel, and following their due diligence process, selected iAngels as a partner on the ground. The partnership with iAngels is a direct benefit of Israel’s participation in Horizon 2020, a program deploying €80 billion of funding over a 7 year period.

The Helm

The Helm makes it easy to invest in women. We bring you the latest female-founded products and companies, tell you why they matter, and connect you with ways to support them directly. And when we say we are invested in women, we mean it. Literally. The Helm’s venture fund invests in female-founded startups, putting capital behind the next generation of leaders in technology and innovation.

Karmijn Kapitaal

Karmijn is an investment fund with a unique focus. We invest equity capital in Dutch SMEs, managed by a balanced team of men and women. We believe in the power of diversity. Karmijn is led by its 3 female founders, Desiree, Hadewych and Cilian, who started the company 10 years ago. One of Karmijn’s ambitions is to support other funds with the same focus internationally.

Loyal VS

Loyal is a global early-stage investor, that has made over 100 investments in over 30 countries since its founding in 2018. Loyal has over five investing professionals, supported by over 250 expert advisors distributed globally, across industries and functions. To date, 35% of Loyal's portfolio has a woman CEO, and around 45% have a woman in leadership. This is an outcome of Loyal's investment approach which focuses on evaluating company performance, rather than pitches. Loyal makes many small initial investments in companies sourced through insider access to two high-quality networks and then makes larger follow on investments in those that emerge as the best.

Magma Partners

Magma Partners is an early-stage VC firm that invests in global startups with Latin American tech teams that target the US market Fintech, Insurtech, Blockchain Startups in Latin America, and companies that support them. Magma started in 2014 and by June 2019 we have invested in 55 startups from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, and USA. We support gender equality and seek to increase female participation in the entrepreneur scenes. 19% of our startups have at least one female co-founder and 20% of our investment has gone to startups with at least one female co-founder.

Marigold Capital

Marigold Capital offers strategic consulting and fund management in the private-market impact investing space, with a focus on social justice in domestic and emerging markets.


MEDTEQ’s mission is, through collaborative, industry-led projects, to accelerate innovation and position, on a global scale, products, and services developed by the Canadian medical technologies industry, thereby generating major economic impacts while improving healthcare systems for the ultimate benefit of patients in Canada and around the world.

Mindshift Capital

Mindshift Capital is global, women-run venture firm investing in amazing women-led companies solving big problems with sophisticated solutions. Mindshift partners take an active, collaborative role in the growth of portfolio companies with a focus on successful exit pathways.

Minerva Capital

Minerva believes that generating positive investment returns and constructive social and financial impact go hand-in-hand. Minerva partners with companies and entrepreneurs that build disruptive technologies to existing companies and new spaces. They create networks of leaders that believe the social impact and financial return go hand in hand. Their approach to creating social impact is human-centric, participatory, data-driven, and intended to empower people: to enable them to perform and grow and to help create the environment that feeds innovation in the long term.

Nordic Impact Funds

At Nordic Impact Funds, we believe in a business-driven impact. We want to alleviate poverty in an economically sustainable way where impact and financial return goes hand in hand. We target businesses where positive social impact for low-income households is the result of commercial success and an embedded part of the business model – either by creating opportunities for raising long term income or by the provision of new, affordable, and highly needed products or services. As a gender smart investor, we want to create both jobs and income for women at the base of the pyramid and strengthen gender diversity in the management of the companies we invest in.

Patamar Capital

Patamar Capital is a social venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco, California, with regional offices in India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Patamar Capital exists to unlock better economic opportunities for Asia’s low-income communities. We make venture capital investments in high-growth companies solving South and Southeast Asia’s most pervasive problems at scale.


Pontaq is a Cross Border Innovation Fund investing in early-stage technology businesses across UK, India, USA, and Canada. Pontaq specializes in a cross-pollination of technology between these geographies and beyond, unlocking significant value for both its investee companies and its investors. Pontaq is headquartered in the UK and has been operational since 2015.


Portfolia is the venture investing platform designed for women. Unlike a traditional angel network, in which investors make their own decisions about each pitch and write their own checks, Portfolia functions more like a micro-VC.


Quantius is an alternative commercial lender that attributes value to both tangible and intangible assets of innovative companies. As a true believer in the power of human potential, innovation, and creativity, Quantius works with North American enterprises whose leaders have a clear vision for the future, and finances companies positioned for substantial growth.

Raiven Capital

We seek revolutionary technology built by cognitively diverse teams. We apply our deep knowledge and operational mastery to forge risk into returns. We nurture in Canada and scale beyond.

R31 Ventures

R3i Ventures is a woman founded early stage venture fund, dedicated to investing in women founders that disrupt and deliver impact. R3i Ventures have a global mandate with investments in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Americas. As serial entrepreneurs and operators, we actively support teams with access to industry know-how, transformative resources and critical thinking to accelerate transformation, market access, geographic expansion, or rapid scale. We thrive on collaborations with co-investors that accelerate value and impact and invest in the Lab to Series A.

REDDS Capital

REDDS Capital operates across North America, Israel, Asia, and the EU. Our General Partners occupy board positions within leading scientific, technical, and financial institutions, and possess rare insight respecting how technology will reshape our world for decades to come. We back big thinkers with big ambitions­­­­ – those rare individuals with the foresight to understand where the world is going, and the drive to build what is necessary to get there.


Reinventure Capital’s investment strategy and theory of change center on breaking the steep and persistent asymmetry in access to capital for people of color and women. We see emerging, vibrant networks of innovative entrepreneurs, many of whom are of color and women, overlooked by mainstream investors.

Sarmayacar Ventures

Sarmayacar Ventures backs daring entrepreneurs who are building scalable, market-transforming enterprise and consumer technology businesses in Pakistan. Sarmayacar Ventures backs daring entrepreneurs who are building scalable, market-transforming enterprise and consumer technology businesses in Pakistan.

SG Innovate

At SGInnovate, we launch, prove, and scale Deep Tech products borne out of science research. We help entrepreneurs who want to solve hard problems build companies.
Our Mission: To help entrepreneurial scientists build Deep Tech startups.
Our Purpose: The world has hard problems to solve, and hard-tech answers are needed.

SoGal Ventures

SoGal Ventures is redefining the next generation of diverse founders and funders. As the first female-led millennial venture capital firm, SoGal Ventures represents how far our generation has come, and how deep our impact on the world can be. We believe in the power of diversity, borderless business, and human-centric design. They invest in seed stage diverse founding teams in the U.S. and Asia, and aim to be the first institutional investor for our portfolio companies. Their investments paint the future picture of how we live, work, and stay healthy.

South Central Ventures

At South Central Ventures we look for inspiring, enthusiastic tech entrepreneurs and excellent teams. We partner with the most ambitious, fresh-thinking, brave, and relentless ones, working on ideas shaping our future and changing the world we live in for the better. We are strong believers in diversity – be it ethnical, gender, or any other kind… A number of studies indicate diversity improves the performance of teams and is also reflected in the bottom line, so we want to make sure to fully use its potential – in our team and in our portfolio.

StandUp Ventures

We invest in companies with at least 1 woman in a C-level leadership position within the company and an equitable amount of ownership. We primarily invest in enterprise software, digital health, and clean tech companies based anywhere in Canada. We usually invest in the seed stage – for us, that's after friends and family funding and before your Series A.

TA Ventures

TA Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm primarily focusing on Mobility and Digital Health. We are based in Kyiv, Frankfurt, Boston, and invest in teams across Europe & the US. We co-invest with leading investors and have been privileged to back companies such as Wunder Mobility, Caroobi, Klara, Sensely, and 100+ others including Azimo, SumUp, Dreamlines, Marley Spoon. We offer proactive support and a broad international network to our portfolio companies.

Tara Health Foundations

Tara Health Foundation promotes health, well-being, and opportunity for women and girls by strategically investing our financial and human capital in innovative, evidence-informed programs.

TEJA Ventures

Teja Ventures is a gender lens VC fund for emerging Asia, focusing on early-stage technology companies for the She Economy. We view women as the biggest arbitrage opportunity of our generation. We invest in companies and business models which leverage the economic potential of women as a demographic - whether as consumers, online traffic or a mobile workforce. We see particular opportunities in verticals such as consumption, services, content, and fintech.

True Wealth Ventures

The True Wealth Ventures investment thesis is that women-led companies perform better financially, yet are an untapped market for investors since only 2% of venture dollars go to women-led start-ups and 15% to those with a woman on the leadership team. In addition, since women make 85% of consumer purchase decisions and 80% of healthcare decisions, True Wealth Ventures believes there are additional advantages for companies with women on the management team in designing products for, selling to, and servicing these women customers in these markets.

Upslope VC

Formerly Galvanize Ventures, Upslope Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in startups across the country.  We believe diverse teams are the key to successful businesses and are proud to invest in founders from unique backgrounds looking for creative solutions to market challenges, 19% of our founders are women. As entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, we provide more than capital and introductions; we aim to empower entrepreneurs with the resources they need to have their best chance at success - even if we don’t invest.

Valhalla Private Capital

Valhalla Private Capital, a full-service corporate finance firm, started with a single city angel investor group, Valhalla Angels, in 2003 and has grown organically to meet the entire lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors across the globe. The Valhalla mission is all about inviting all people who care about their local business climate into the private capital ecosystem, giving them the tools and opportunities to participate successfully in both investing or building some great companies.

Valor VC

Valor Ventures is an Atlanta venture capital firm that leads seed rounds in startups creating financial disruption outside of Silicon Valley. Valor’s purpose is to create top returns for its capital partners. Our mission is to make inclusion of the new normal in venture capital. Our focused sourcing platform attracts dynamic founders and co-investors from the full spectrum of entrepreneurs building break-out businesses today. We take leadership positions that leverage our corporate networks, software platform expertise, and the power of the included performance premium in sourcing and scaling. We involve our Innovation Council early, recruit top talent to create inclusive teams, and connect our portfolio to customers through our innovation center—among the 10 largest on the East Coast.

Vested World

VestedWorld is, in many ways, a traditional venture capital fund. But we are 100% focused on emerging markets. With an eye on high-growth industries, we target early-stage companies with tremendous potential to create meaningful jobs, provide fair wages, and fuel widespread economic progress throughout their communities and regions.

Victus Global

The Victus Global Impact Fund's primary objective is to achieve competitive investment returns by identifying, supporting and investing in women-led and /or women-focused businesses involved in agriculture and agri-processing located in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and other countries in sub-Saharan African excluding South Africa. The Fund is focused on transforming agriculture in sub-Saharan African through investment, capacity building, and increased intra-Africa and international trade.

Voulez Capital

Voulez Capital is Europe’s First VC for Female Founders. Launched in 2018 by Anya Navidski, an unrepentant entrepreneur, it has already established itself as a VC firm that women founders (and their male co-founders) trust and resonate with. Voulez Capital provides Seed and Series A capital to outstanding European businesses with at least one female (co)founder, across a range of sectors. They focus on value creation, rather than fast returns through inflated valuations, on a balanced allocation of risks and rewards between founders and investors, and on a strong, open relationship with portfolio companies.

We Are Jane

‘We Are Jane’ is a fund by women for women, and is 100% managed by women. Its purpose is to supply growth capital to companies with a female CEO or shareholder. Of course, an eye is kept on the figures. The fund only invests in companies with a proven track record, which at least break even and have a minimum turnover of 1.5 million Euros.

WXR Fund

WXR invests in early-stage companies that are transforming businesses and human interaction by leveraging spatial computing and artificial intelligence. We partner with women leaders and their teams who are changing the way products are built and companies are run. The WXR Fund is at the intersection of the unique convergence of these growing areas.