Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Billion Dollar Fund for Women?

The Billion Dollar Fund for Women (TBDF) is a global consortium of venture funds committed to tackling the gender investment gap by pledging to increase their investments in women-founded companies. TBDF was inspired by a desire to mobilize and connect these venture funds with institutional and other investors to create larger pools of capital to ensure the continued capacity to invest into WFCs.

What is the role of TBDF and TBDF goals?

The overall aim of TBDF is to improve funding opportunities for female entrepreneurs seekling venture capital for growth, by first targeting the funding ecosystem, which will support their ability to scale their businesses. For venture funds that make a pledge, TBDF provides greater exposure to institutional funders, sovereign funds, wealth managers, family offices and high net worth investors. TBDF connects influential investors and decision makers who are using their global networks, wide reach, influence and deep expertise in the field to support women-led ventures.

Who has pledged thus far?

You can find a full list of all funds that have pledged so far here: Our Partners

Which markets does TBDF target?

We target global funds that invest across sectors – from agriculture to AI, because we believe that women are innovating across borders and across sectors.

Can I get in touch with other venture funds in the consortium?

Yes of course, please reach out to stating your specific ask. We foresee future co-investment between our venture partners.

Will you stop at US$1bn or will you keep going?

TBDF’s goal is to plug the gender investment gap which we will track year- on- year – $1 billion was our initial target, but given the enthusiastic market response, we are optimistic about continuing to push the bar upon hitting our $1 billion milestone.

Is TBDF a nonprofit, are my contributions to TBDF tax deductible?

TBDF began as a LLC but we are currently evaluating with our lawyers, a non-profit entity setup aimed to best serve our partners.


While the gender pay gap is well documented, what is not, is the gender investment gap. In the U.S. alone, women-founded companies get less than 2% of venture capital invested. All-women founding startup teams received just $1.9 billion of the $85 billion total invested by venture capitalists last year. This is despite the fact that women-founded teams continue to outperform, with more than twice the revenue per dollar invested, than their all-male counterparts. TBDF’s approach is unique as it importantly sets the tone for investors to not only commit to lofty ideals but to act upon it – with a dollar amount commitment from each firm. It is also, the first time that such an intiative does not target a single market only such as the US but aims to have a lasting global impact by involving fund partners from many different ecosystems.

How do I pledge to TBDF?

If you’re a venture fund manager/general partner(GP), reach out to us at to request a pledge form.

What is the amount pledged so far?

To date, as of 30th November, more than US$650mn has been pledged.

Where are the funds which are pledging from?

Our outreach is global – and cuts across 4 continents. Our partner funds are present in across 20 countries, and couting!

Will there be opportunities to share deal flow?

TBDF’s primary role is to provide exposure to our partner funds, which would include opportunities for deal flow sharing in our planned convenings. TBDF however does not seek to moderate such sharing of deal flow, although we will provide a platform for our partners which include accelerators, incubators to showcase their women entrepreneurs to our venture partners.

How can I contribute to TBDF's efforts?

TBDF is currently self-funded by the founders, but we would welcome contributions which will support costs in marketing & communications and our outreach efforts. Please get in touch with for details.

What are TBDFs principles? Is there a prospectus?

WFCs receive less than 2% of venture capital today. Funds pledged to invest more in WFCs deserve support from investors, both instittutional and HNW. We seek to help elevate the venture funds working on the ground to support women entrepreneurs, to those two investor groups.

Whom is the project seeking to inform and involve? Investors? Grant applicants? Loan applicants?

TBDF mobilizes both the GPs of venture funds and LP investors into them who are seeking to gender diversify their portfolios. We do not provide grants nor loans. Our venture funds are pledged to invest in WFCs.

Where does TBDF see its profits coming from?

We are a self-funded initiative at this time, working upon a non-profit model.

What will you be focusing on over the next 24 months?

Mobilizing more venture funds pledging so we get to the billion dollar mark and mobilizing institutional LPs and HNW investors through their family offices and wealth managers as LPs.

Would the project buy shares in women-owned businesses, something like Shark Tank?

No, TBDF does not “buy shares” nor do we invest directly but mobilize venture funds that do.

Will FemTech be a focus?

Our GPs determine the focus of the deal flow and yes, FemTech will be a part of it. We find that women are innovating across the board in areas ranging from FemTech, cleantech, fintech, agtech, etc. to Saas, CPG, AI/ML, Robotics, Blockchain, Cannabis etc.

What's surprised you most about TBDF?

We were thrilled to receive huge support from almost everyone we reached out to and far exceeded our original goal of mobilizing $100million in two months (for investment through 2020) to announce our initial tranche of $460million. Additionally, so many people have mobilized their networks in support of what we’re doing which is essential to make this a truly global enterprise.

How can I get involved in TBDF?

Drop us a line at

Startup Section

Which kind of WFCs are supported?

TBDF partners with venture funds with different investment theses – investing in women founded companies across agriculture, fintech, biotech and more.

How can my WFC apply for funds?

TBDF will continue to update our website with our partner funds who are committed to investing in women. Please visit our partner sites to learn about their investment criterion and apply to them directly. In the future, there will be an opportunity to highlight our WFCs at our convenings.

How can TBDF help me as a female entrepreneur?

TBDF takes a macro approach, and ultimately addresses the funding ecosystem to develop a larger pool of capital allocated to women-founded companies. We believe this will have a lasting effect in funds committed to women entrepreneurs. In the future, there will be an opportunity to highlight our WFCs at our convenings.


TBDF Ventures LLC (TBDFV), the organizer of Beyond The Billion (“BTB”), is a company serving the global consortium of investors pledged to invest beyond $1bn collectively into women-founded investment firms and technology companies. BTB builds on the success of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, the initial campaign co-founded by our founders.  BTB  is not a venture fund, an investment bank, a broker-dealer, investment clearinghouse, or an investment adviser, but rather a forum in which investors may be educated on aspects of investment and business, as well as introduced to companies for possible investment, in particular, those led by women. Each allocator pledged to BTB’s mission is responsible for his or her own investment decisions, and neither TBDFV nor BTB recommends companies or financial products for investment. Participating funds may be highlighted to various institutional and other investors and managers, with the aim of catalyzing capital towards women-founded companies; but are not guaranteed allocations from any specific fund. The Founders of TBDFV and BTB may hold interests directly or indirectly in featured funds and associated companies. Information is obtained from participant funds, believed to be reliable, but is in no way guaranteed by TBDFV or BTB. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted.

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