Global Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm based in Dubai making early stage investments in growth companies in the Middle East And Africa. The fund’s investments focus on globally-scalable enterprise technology companies in the MEA region, investing in low-valuation markets, and enabling the scale-up of young companies into global markets, thereby realizing multiple expansion as well as revenue growth. Recent investments include a field workforce solution, Arrow Labs, and an insurance technology platform, CDP, both of which began their global expansions very shortly after an investment by Global Ventures. The region’s young venture industry capitalizes on the youth bulge in the regional population, where 50% of the 400 million population is under 25 years old, as well as the highest digital penetration and social media usage globally, on a per capita basis. In particular, Dubai has become an innovation hub in emerging markets, with access to 3 billion people in a 6-hour flight radius, serving half of the world’s economies, and specifically the rising billion. Global Ventures leverages the youth demographic, access to talent, and low valuation multiples to identify the high-potential, globally-scalable companies and enable their expansion through active and strategic investments into the companies.