Alter Equity’s DNA lies in its commitment to a more responsible and profitable economy. It supports activities and behaviors deeply respectful of the long-term interests of nature and human beings, while seeking attractive, market-competitive returns for its investors.

By fostering a positive impact on business, its objective is to contribute to a more sustainable economy.

The investments made by Alter Equity are conditioned to a double impact on society:

• activity: portfolio companies’ products or services must contribute to solving social or environmental challenges illustrated by the SDGs. For example, two companies have avoided the emission of 430.000 Tons of CO2 in 2018 and 1 Million Tons since the investment of the Fund;

• business practices: portfolio companies are requested by Alter Equity to progress in terms of responsible business practices, through the implementation of an “ESG Business Plan”.

Through its results, Alter Equity contributes to demonstrating that responsibility is perfectly compatible with profitability, in order to convince mainstream companies and financial markets to move towards more responsible practice